Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Special Delivery

We finally got our delivery from Amazon. I ordered a few dog related things, that we've been needing for awhile now. 

A new easily accessible treat bag, clickers galore, and The Power of Positive Dog Training by Pat Miller. 

I must admit, I was really excited about the Furminator. Murphy is a HUGE shedder. You pet him and fur goes a-flying. I had my doubts about this one- just because Murph really doesn't liked to be brushed that much. 

But, it was nothing short of a miracle. He laid down and let me brush him all over. He actually, I kid you not, closed his eyes in bliss. I think it must feel different than a normal brush- more like a nice, gentle scratching. 

So, I've charged my clickers and we are ready to rock! Well, looks like the pups had a different idea. They just wanted to play bitey face!


  1. Fun stuff! I see you ordered the clickers in bulk! I often find myself in Target, reaching into my pocket, and out comes a random clicker. They are everywhere in my house!

    We have the furminator too, but Oreo and Chewy both think any brush is a vicious animal that they must attack.

  2. Hey cutie pies thanks for stopping by...we will tag along with you too, K?
    Benny & Lily

  3. Ooh!! Lots of doggie stuffs! We've never tried a furminator and don't think we'll be using any!

  4. We have thought about the furminator, but DH is not on board. Katy informed me yesterday we are well past the need for brushing as she was using the posts on the porch. Bailey is not in any hurry.

    We haven't tried clickers, but we often do reach in our pockets, purses, and bags and pull out dog related items. Our friend, much to our dogs' delight always has dog cookies from training his dog that he shares.

    It is a dog owner thing.

  5. I never seem to have the clicker on me when I need it so I use the word "Yes" instead. Tried the furminator with With Ryker...he hates it. We use a med. toothed comb on him.