Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Time for Serious Training

This two have issues?

Ok, so we had our first private training session today with both dogs. Whew! It lasted 3 hours and we are all exhausted now. 

Mack is working on becoming more social with other dogs. She had terrible kennel cough for over a month when we first got her- during that key socialization stage. Then we took her to a very bad puppy kindergarten program at Petco, which only had two dogs in it. One was a huge Weimaraner who was over 7+ months ( he really shouldn't have been in the puppy class) and the other was a Golden that jumped all over Mack- both of these dogs really just made her more terrified. So now we are working hard to desensitize her to other dogs, so she doesn't bark her little wiggle butt off every time we walk her!

Murph, on the other hand, is pretty good with dogs. He can be a little leash aggressive but only with certain dogs. It's strange but some dogs just set him off and other dogs he is instantly comfortable with. Murph is actually very shy and unsure of new people. He gives a very loud beagle howl when strangers come into our house or try to get too close to him outside the house. So we are working on his issues too!

Geez, sounds like we have our work cut out for us! And now I have to take the pups on separate walks, since the trainer says they set each other off. That means 4 walks for me a day! Yikes! And let me tell ya- Mack does not like walking without Murph, since she is super shy. 

Sorry for this very long rant. Just feeling a little down, like a failure puppy mom. Let me know if you have any training pointers or ideas. Also, looking to get the pups some new interactive toys. What is everyone's favorites? 


  1. We've all felt that way, I'm sure! Don't give up...
    Mack and Murph will be better pups for your

  2. Oh don't worry. My Buster Peebody AND Pippin were as anti-social as they come. They lived on a farm so long that when I moved to town it was like shell shock. Now they quite happily walk and meet new people and dogs. The best thing was to find a good doggie role model and walk with them. It really helps them. They learn there is nothing to be worried about. Good luck, you will do great!!! I use to be a trainer so if you have any questions just ask away :)

  3. WEll, I am not worried at all about Mack and Murph because clearly they have you and you are being so proactive.

    My Vickie says you are already on the right track amd I would take up Totally Timmys offer and ask all the questions you can think of.

    I was raised in a doggy day care so I am totally in to the socialization, but we often see shy ones come thru and it is very bad when they are overwhelmed by dogs that don't fit into their mind set at the time.

    Ok I have rambled on a long time, but I wanted to thank you for coming by my blog and me and My Vickie are excited to keep up with all you do.

    TAke care and'll do great.


  4. Oreo is VERY shy. Fearful infact. At age one, he was bitten by a couple st. bernards, who leaped over their fence and charged at us in the dark. I then isolated him from everything, because I was terrified he would get hurt again (he was my second dog to get bit by a dog near our house). I've felt guilty about that period of isolation,and what it did for his temperament. However, Oreo is a happy, healthy dog, just like Mack and Murph. That is all that matters. Don't feel guilty.

    I think it is wonderful that you are starting early with Mack, that will make a huge difference.

    I'm sure the dogs will enjoy their one on one time with you.

  5. I've heard the most popular interactive toys are by Nina Ottosson.

    Lots of hard work, but the rewards are greater!

  6. We have the Ottosson Brick and like it. We bought ours on ebay and saved some money.

    I would work on that socialization with like energy pups first. It can be overwhelming for a puppy to have big hyper pups bowling them over at first, till they gain their confidence.
    Hang in there, lots of work the first 18 months but it gets better and will be well worth the time and energy. We loved our puppy classes and learned a lot and continued the training at home after that. It is still an ongoing process.