Friday, August 19, 2011

A Package for the Pups

Guess what arrived today?! Our Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker from Raising Addie! We won their 500th post contest. We look forward to making some fun frozen treats.

Here's Mack digging into her present! We'll make sure to post once we create one of the frozen recipes!

Thanks so much, Addie, Hailey, and Lucie. 


  1. What a great present! Especially for those hot summer days.

  2. Pawsome pressie! and congrats on the win as well, Murph. Murph certainly looks like she has had a lot of practice opening pressies.

    Can't wait to hear how the yummies tasted and how they turned out.

    Drools n' licks
    Minnie n' Mack

  3. Wow! We are very jealous over here! We open our presents the same way :) Can't wait to see what you make!
    Maddy and Owen

  4. Hey Mack and Murph! Just wanted to say hi, we found your blog through one of our friends! If you look at my posts you'll see that my mini Aussie Charlie is a dead ringer for Mack! They look SO MUCH alike! I also had a terrible time with Charlie and anxiety...the whole first 6 months of our blog is all about it! Stick with the training though, it really does help! Charlie is in 'advanced' obedience now and has enough confidence with other people and dogs that we started an off leash agility class last week! Hopefully we'll get blogging again soon, good luck with the training!